Cleaning Equipment – The Basics

The purpose of cleaning is removing dirt, infected diseases and removing any kind of impurity from the surface. There are many methods for the cleaning and every industry demands cleaning but with different requirements and equipment. Cleaning is essential for home and also for personal use.

Cleaning equipment Dubai can be defined as the tools used for the cleaning purpose. In the world of machines cleaning has become much easier, effective and efficient by the automatic machines of cleaning. Before that manual methods were used for the cleaning purpose.

Cleaning equipment can be divided into two classes.

  • Manual equipment
  • Mechanical equipment

Manual equipment

  1. Microfiber cloth: It a cloth of silk used for the cleaning purpose. This little piece of cloth can do wonders. It’s best for cleaning everyday dust particles in offices and homes. You can remove all the dust stick on the cloth by rinsing the cloth. You can use the wet cloth for removing dirty marks, grease etc. it can be used to clean kitchens bathroom etc.
  2. Abrasive cleaners: It is used to remove heavy amount of dirt and stains from the surfaces and it helps to gain the shine again. The stains which doesn’t go easily can be removed by the abrasive cleaners and it is very effective and gives out result very quickly. They have the power to quickly remove stubborn stains. They should be used with care and kept away from children and eyes. If this cleaner mistakenly gets into your mouth you should quickly seek medical advice.

Mechanical equipment

  1. Vacuum cleaner: It is a machine which is used for the purpose of cleaning carpet. It is machine which sucks the dirt from the carpet. It is producing the result as they were expected. It saves a lot of time as cleaning the dust from the broom requires a lot of energy and efforts and it also requires a lot of time on the other hand vacuum cleaner saves a lot of time and produces effective results. It is easier to use. It is multitasking as it can do more than just cleaning carpets.
  2. Floor scrubbers: it is an automatic cleaning tool which has taken the place of mops and buckets. It is very easy to operate. It is a simple tool used for cleaning purpose. It removes stains, dirt marks and scrub the floor.

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