How to maintain cleaning standards at public spots

In the present situation, where the planet is struggling with the coronavirus, cleaning public spaces is more important than ever. Many businesses use electrostatic disinfection systems licensed by the EPA for germ-free operation in their facilities and outside. The only way things are washed is not by using water and detergent to drain the pollutants. But sanitizing products include and are regulated by the United States and include antimicrobial pesticides. Electrostatic spray surface washing is one of the best disinfecting processes used by commercial and villa cleaning services in Dubai.

If the professional liquid solution is positively charged, it binds to negative surfaces when sprayed. The atomized particles are coated uniformly on every surface, and suitable for difficult to reach areas or deep cleaning in Dubai.

The different types of germs that can be removed by environmentally safe and innovative cleaning techniques, such as electrostatic spray cleaning are bacteria, molds, fungi, mosquitoes, and viruses.

Reasonable to all rooms. The electrostatic spray disinfection procedure is suitable for contamination-prone environments. That includes open-plan office rooms, high-speed houses, kindergarten facilities, or even food storage facilities.

Instant disinfect. Although spraying will happen when nobody is around, the spaces are ready to be occupied in no time. The sprinkled surfaces stay mildly moist until the necessary lifting time is typically 2-4 minutes. When the ions are charged electrostatically, they evaporate and do not leave any air traces behind. These advantages allow electrostatic disinfection necessary to remove germs in public places.

Makes saves on expenses. Since the approach uses less washing than conventional methods, it is an economical option. Manual polishing, cleaning, or scrubbing is therefore not available and is thus much cheaper.

Greater cleaning quality. The application of chemicals or treatments over polluted surfaces requires manual or standard cleaning processes. Sees techniques may be used or skipped positions or both. Electrostatic sprayers, however, accomplish even layering.

More than 99.9% of pathogens, such as microbes and viruses, can be removed. The surfaces can be carefully treated with non-toxic brown through contactless sprayers.