Setting up the right mobile package in Dubai

You’ll need a Dubai cell phone service from a mobile phone service provider to set up your phone with a data plan. After that, you should be aware that there are two ways to set up your cell phone: either before or after you purchase your sim card.

There are two types of lines: postpaid and prepaid:

What is Postpaid Service, and how does it work?

It’s a basic cell phone service that lets you make local and international calls as well as receive calls. When you pay your bill at the end of the month, it’s called postpaid. Until roaming service is added, it cannot be used outside of the UAE. Etisalat, Du postpaid data plan, and Virgin postpaid plan are the three providers in Dubai. Plans and data packages differ depending on the service and internet provider, as well as the plan that is required.

What are the requirements for a postpaid service?

To use a postpaid service, you must first:

  • Be a Dubai resident (Or generally UAE).
  • Be at least 21 years’ old
  • Have a monthly salary of approximately AED 2500
  • Please submit the required documents.

What documents do I need to apply for a postpaid service?

An original and a copy of a valid Emirates ID, or an original and a copy of a valid Passport, as well as a valid UAE Visa or Emirates ID. If you have Visa for Residency, then also submit residency File No. + Visa No. + Unified Number

Last 3 months’ pay certificate with a minimum of AED 2500 A bank statement, a legitimate credit card, or a utility bill from the previous month that shows you have a physical address in Dubai. (If you already have a DEWA account, you can apply a DEWA bill; if you don’t, learn how to set up a DEWA account here.)

Virgin Mobile is a mobile phone company based in

Let us clear up any confusion about whether Virgin Mobile plans are postpaid or prepaid. Virgin Mobile wanted to offer UAE mobile customers a unique experience.

Virgin has a smartphone app that you can use (Get it here for Android, and here for iOS). Choose your personalized mobile plan and your preferred phone number. Your Virgin sim card will arrive at your door and will be activated immediately. Your payment is made by linking your debit or credit card, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Regardless, they refer to it as prepaid, and we will as well.