Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a life saver for many people who hate getting up early in the morning and leaving for work. But other than this having coffee has many kinds of benefits as well and one of many benefits is that if you have any problems in the liver due to drinking or due to different reason, then many of the doctors and physician recommend having coffee at least once a day. A research was done by Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics that drinking coffee at least once a day or small portions of coffee at least twice a day reduced 44 percent of liver damage. Always buy specialty coffee.

Speaking of damages and diseases, there are many kinds of disease which don’t have a cure but they have a prevention and one of many is the Parkinson’s disease and research shows that if you have coffee twice a day, you will have almost zero chances of having Parkinson ever in your life. A research done by Annals of Internal Medicine that people who drink coffee once or twice a day everyday of their lives, they tend to live a healthy and a long life. This showed that people who drink coffee have 18 percent chances of hitting the age of 90s. You can always buy specialty coffee beans. Coffee has many kinds of advantages and the best one is the drinking coffee can make you lose weight because it burns your calories. The Mayo clinic suggested that drinking coffee provides caffeine to the body and caffeine is a good generator of protein and because of that your energy remains full and your body doesn’t require much food to keep going. And, in this way, you eat less and work more. Another research done by Annals of Internal Medicine that if you have drink coffee twice a day then you will have less chances of getting a heart disease and if your heart is weak, then it will be recommended by doctors that you drink coffee before going to bed and when you wake up. Since, it will be keeping your heart healthy, it also means that you will have almost zero chances that you will ever get a stroke. A research done by Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention said that drinking coffee twice a day can reduce the risks of colon cancer.